5.4.0 - Release Date 05/13/2019
Upgraded VisualStage widget: two visualizations modes, and rounds count.
Table class renders cells with colspan attribute.
Home Page enabled and --default option bug fixed.
5.3.1 - Release Date 05/07/2019
Launcher option `--default` sets the default channel at startup. Channel settings `defaultChannel` has been deprecated because unreliable when multiple games are found in games folder.
Improved installer, better handling of conflicts with pre-existing node_modules directories.
Widget CustomInput implements setValues method with random values for testing purposes.
Widget CustomInput widget has more custom types: 'us_state', 'us_zip'.
Widget ChoiceManager discard hidden or disabled nested forms from the return value of `getValues`.
Widget ChoiceManager has reset method to reset all nested forms.
`W.cssRule` is a method to add a custom CSS rule to the current page.
`node.widgets.append` also accepts the id of and element, in addition to the element itself.
All "Survey" widgets (ChoiceManager, ChoiceTable, CustomInput, etc.) have options `highlight` and `markAttempt` true by default.
Improved error messages on server.
Typos and bug fixing.
5.1.0 - Release Date 04/01/2019
CustomInput widget.
Widgets garbage collection.
Improved ChoiceTable, ChoiceManager and Feedback widgets.
Improved handling of frame height.
5.0.1 - Release Date 03/15/2019
Fixed VisualTimer.restart() bug introduced in v5.
Server does not scan hidden directories in games folder.
5.0.0 - Release Date 03/12/2019
Several improvements to the Monitor interface, including: chat manager, better display of room info, and improved performance.
Rewritten Chat widget for easier control and friendlier user interface
New widgets: BackButton, BoxSelector, and DebugWall
Updated widgets: WaitingRoom, DisconnectBox, ChoiceTable, ChoiceManager
Widgets events: 'destroyed', 'collapsed', 'uncollapsed', 'hidden', 'shown', 'disabled', 'enabled', 'highlighted', 'unhighlighted'.
Widgets can be docked at the bottom of the page, minimized or closed.
New Waiting Room execution mode `WAIT_FOR_DISPATCH` to dispatch following a command from the monitor interface (ideal for Lab experiments).
Improved installer, more reliability checks and easier way to install older versions.
Several minor fixes and improvements, see CHANGELOG files in each repo.
4.3.2 - Release Date 09/30/2018
Re-enabled support for games without treatment descriptions.
4.3.0 - Release Date 09/20/2018
Treatment selection in waiting room. If option "ALLOW_SELECT_TREATMENT" is set to true in the waiting room's settings, then dropdown menu allows user to select the treatment for the game.
4.2.0 - Release Date 09/14/2018
Improved nodegame game-create command: automatically generates generates channel files from interface, adds README and LICENSE (MIT)
4.1.5 - Release Date 09/13/2018
Fixed installer for Node version < 8.x
4.1.3 - Release Date 09/07/2018
Improved installer
Msg anti-spoofing support by default enabled on PlayerServer
Fixed bug on Chrome with flickering scrollbar
More options on Monitor, including display of last error
Improved nodegame-mturk support
Fixed tests
4.0.4 - Release Date 07/05/2018
Improved monitor interface: errors happened on clients displayed directly on Clients List widget.
4.0.0 - Release Date 04/22/2018
All available games are displayed in a grid of responsive cards in the server home page.
New game interface with slim header occupying less space.
Customizable drop-down InfoPanel to easily display and hide information under the header.
New widgets: EndScreen, Feedback, EmailForm.
New widget features: add/remove widget rame, setTexts/Sounds, improved WaitingRoom
Wait screen displays a countdown of maximum wait time.
New GameRoom.computeBonus method to easily save a bonus file and send bonus to each player.
New channel settings for controlling data directory, and noAuth tokens
Client types declaration has been streamlined, no need to return a client type object, it is now automatically assembled from the stager and and the setup object.
Views receive now the correct settings object depending on treatment.
New matcher features: canMatchSameRole, fixedRoles.
Window object has updated to the latest version of JSUS, meaning that some commands to manipulate and create DOM elements have changed.
Full list of new features and migration guidelines.