nodeGame: Web Experiments in the Browser

nodeGame is a free, open source, event-driven javascript framework for online, multiplayer games in the browser.

Get started

  1. Download the latest version of node.js for your platform
  2. From the console type: npm install nodegame
  3. Browse to the nodegame folder and start the server: node server.js
  4. Browse to the ./games/ultimatum/server/ folder and start the game logic: node logic.js
  5. Open three or more browser windows pointing to localhost:8080/ultimatum/index.html

node 0.10 patch

If you are using a node version greater or equal than 0.10, you will need to apply this patch.
  1. Copy the patch file into nodegame/node_modules/nodegame-server
  2. From there type: patch -p1 <./ng-node10.patch
  3. Delete the node_modules directory inside nodegame-server
  4. From nodegame/node_modules/nodegame-server/ type: npm install